I’m lucky enough to live in a town with multiple local television stations. As a former broadcast journalism major, and as someone interested in health communication, I recently had a few exciting weeks of media exposure that I wanted to share with you! From highlighting the work I do as a Peace Corps Volunteer in my first TV exclusive (see interview posted below), a radio interview, two live TV programs on family planning methods, and a few interviews with my counterpart and I on the activities we’re doing concerning sexual health education, my counterpart and I took advantage as much as we could to get the message out on sexual health education.

Last month, the Ministry of Health held a series of events regarding on sexual health in teenagers, organized by myself and my nurse counterpart Elba. We held a health fair specifically for adolescents in Condega with all three TV stations covering the event and over 100 youth in attendance. It was a great success. (I’ll put up some more pictures in another blog post about the heath fair)


Elba giving an interview during the health fair. I was also interviewed but don’t have any pictures!

The week before the health fair, Elba and I held a training for some youth promoters on sexual health, specifically on how to use condoms and encouraging the promoters to help us out at the fair, which they did. Here, Elba talks about the importance of youth promoters and the upcoming health fair with a local channel. (I was not interviewed).

The following week, one of the health center doctors and I hosted a 45 minute live program on family planning methods. We talked about appropriate methods at each age and received calls live on air from people calling from home! It was a great success. Many people told me they watched the program. Hooray!


Then again on a different channel, I was asked to talk about family planning on a weekly social issues program. We didn’t take any calls but it was a great program. I was also interviewed regarding family planning for the weekly regional radio program, which is heard all across northern Nicaragua and even parts of Honduras!

Probably the most exciting of all was my TV exclusive with Channel 6, a fifteen minute interview about me, the Peace Corps, my work here, my softball team, etc. It’s in Spanish so sorry for those who can’t understand… but perhaps you can hear the improvement in my accent since my last interview!