I hope to have a blog post about my first two months in site up soon. In the meantime, I´d like to share some recent photos taken while on a run.  Condega is located right off the Pan-American highway, which at just under 30,000 miles stretching from Argentina to Alaska, owns the title of the world´s longest “motorable road.” While very convenient for me (I can reach two nearby department capitals in 45 minutes in either direction), there is something fascinating about living along this route.

I see trucks heading to Honduras carrying various goods (I´m an hour from the Honduras border), the ¨Tica¨ tourist bus on the Costa Rica-Nicaragua-Honduras route, old schoolbuses carrying Nicaraguans back to various smaller communities in the mountains, people in their private cars returning from a day´s work in Estelí, workers piled in the back of trucks, groups waiting outside one of the tobacco factories in Condega, military men outside the military base located 3 km south of town, men on bicycles, kids playing soccer, teens hanging out on a bridge, etc. There are some stunning views as I head south, especially starting at about mile 3 when the highway starts to weave in an out of the mountains. I also catch some spectacular views of the sunsets as I turn back north to complete my run. I´ve never been able to get myself up early in the morning when it´s cooler out, but it´s usually cooled down at least a little bit by the evening as the sun sets. Anywho, I really enjoy my runs and thought some of you might like to see what it´s like!

The slideshow automatically starts but you can try to scroll to find the first photo title ¨Starting off at km marker 184¨ to go through the series from the beginning.

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